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    gore: If it ain't broke, then why are you trying to "fix" the kernel?

    Seriously though, you could probably just grab a kernel from 10.2 or -current and be fine, since Pat's are so vanilla. You need four packages, as you probably know, and upgrading alsa would probably be a good idea, too.

    If you want to roll your own 2.6 kernel, then you actually only need to run make menuconfig, make, and then make modules_install; make bzImage and make modules are only needed for 2.4. Then copy your System map and kernel image.

    Something small, but maybe helpful.

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    Not trying to fix anything. I just wanted to know if there had been a Kernel update for 10. So far, nothing, been searching FTP stuff all over.

    Oh and my order comes today!

    Slackware 10.2 CD set, NEW edition of Slackware essentials book, Slackware Mouse Pad, two pins two case plates.... I think that was it.

    Tommorrow my other two orders are supposed to be here. "20 Years of Berkeley Unix" on DVD, and like 12 Free BSD book, a Free BSD Mouse Pad, 2 Free BSD pins and two Free BSD case plates, and Free BSD 6 on CD

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