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Thread: McDonalds in Japan uses sex to sell burgers (video)

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    McDonalds in Japan uses sex to sell burgers (video)

    McDonalds in Japan uses sex to sell burgers (video)

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    now lets try using a valid url


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    Freakyg, this is what comes up from your url

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    that would be because vBulletin doesnt correctly identify brackets as part of a URL. that would be vB's fault.

    but i fixed mine. your just gonna have to copy/paste the link as for some reason vB wont correctly display that link.

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    How does a girl stay in that good of shape eating McDonalds! Just not possible! It reminds me of the Paris Hilton Hardee's video: http://www.spicyparis.com/

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    lol i am actually a mcdonalds manager, and i can tell you that in the first 6 months i was employed at the restaurent i lost a good 40 pounds. went from like 250/260 to 210 and i ate there a good twice a day (management gets free food) and maintain that weight quite easily. I got sick of the food after about the first year, year and a half, and started eating at home. after a month of eating at home, not only did my food bill go up, but so did my weight by about 10 pounds lol.

    so quite frankly, while i would suggest keeping a balance of how much fast food you eat, i became much healthier after a mcdonalds diet. and that includes things like blood pressure and what not. im not saying you can sit around on your ass all day and eat mcdonalds 3 times a day like that dumbass in supersize me, its hardly an unreasonable alternative. When i started my employment i could eat 2 double big xtra's (Thats a pound of beef total), without issue, to currently get full after 1 regular one. (1/4 pound of beef) ive lost signifcant weight while eating there daily and i dont visit a gym or do a daily run. so... while im not thin, im hardly overweight.

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