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    Angry honeyd vulnerable to remote identification

    i got this:
    honeyd[32516]: SECURITY INFO: TITLE=Security Vulernability@DESCRIB=Your version is vulnerable to remote identification@URL=http://www.honeyd.org/adv.2006-01

    while having problems to compile version 1.5
    i decided to patch version 1.0
    i did without problems
    ...but i still get the message
    any ideas ?
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    Hmmm, have you tried binaries?
    The access to the computer or
    anything else that shows us how the
    world works must be total and

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    there aren't no binaries for version 1.5
    and the 1.0 binaries are vulnerable

    now i got 1.5 compiled without errors
    (you need libdnsres1.0a - NOT libdnsres1.0)
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