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Thread: Funny when taken out of context

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    Faggot! It's whats for dinner.

    What is faggot anyway.
    Mad Beaver

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    Hmm never heard of this type of food before. did a few quick searches in google and haven't been able to find anything yet.


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    They're like meatballs a bit.

    The Doody family. Doesn't 'doody mean something dodgy in Yank slang?

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    They are meatballs, generally served in a rich brown onion gravy (sauce)

    I remember having to snail mail the outer wrapper of a packet to an American colleague, it was a source of great amusement in her office

    We also have "fags" and "fag ends" which are cigarettes and cigarette butts, respectively.

    And there is the expression "I can't be fagged" which means "I can't be bothered ( to do something)"

    "Fag" also means a menial or servant and that probably gives rise to our expression "fagged out" which means "tired out"

    EDIT: Here ya go : http://handbag.com/food/rozq&a14/#Q1

    Side note, to call someone in England a "handbag" would be similar to calling an American a "faggot"

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