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Thread: Brokeback Chantdown

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    Senior Member OverdueSpy's Avatar
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    Lightbulb Brokeback Chantdown

    So basically this will degenerate into a situation where if you utter the phrase "Brokeback Mountain" around the wrong type of person, you could be accused of being homophobic and discriminatory. With the discriminatory charge being flawed from the foundation of the argument.

    Anyways, if we keep using "Brokeback Mountain" in a negative connotation, can we get a court to rule that the use of the phrase "Brokeback Mountain" equates to a hate crime and thus force the movie industry to pull the film from the DVD shelves in order to not offend homosexuals?

    BTW - Where do I sign up to become a member of Kennel Club?

    Associated Press

    SPOKANE, Wash. - Fans of No. 5 Gonzaga have been asked to stop yelling "Brokeback Mountain" at opposing players.

    The reference to the recent movie about homosexual cowboys was chanted by some fans during Monday's game against Saint Mary's, and is apparently intended to suggest an opposing player is gay.

    The chants were the subject of several classroom discussions over the past week, and the faculty advisers for the Kennel Club booster group urged students this week to avoid "inappropriate chants" during the Bulldogs' Saturday game against Stanford, which was nationally televised on ESPN.

    "We implore the students of the Kennel Club to show the nation this weekend what makes Gonzaga different," Kennel Club advisers David Lindsay and Aaron Hill wrote in a letter in the student newspaper, the Bulletin. "We challenge the students of the Kennel Club to exhibit the class, the creativeness and the competitive drive that has become a foundation of this great university."

    Mark Alfino, a professor of philosophy at Gonzaga, said the matter had been widely discussed by faculty and students.

    "Many faculty members have brought up the discussion in their classes," he said. "They find none of the students have been comfortable with the chant, and that's a good sign."

    Ryan Olson, the president of Helping Educate Regarding Orientation, a gay-straight alliance on campus, said the chants are just the latest incident that shows GU is struggling to make gays and lesbians welcome on campus.

    In a letter to the Bulletin, the HERO membership wrote, "This is not even remotely the first time that Kennel Club chanters have chanted homophobic phrases at basketball games."

    "A lot of people in the Kennel Club say it wasn't them" that chanted "Brokeback Mountain," Olson said. "But there's something to be said about apathy as well. Students didn't stop people from saying it."

    In Friday's Bulletin, senior Callie Monroe wrote a column calling the chants a case of "outright discrimination."

    "Imagine yourself as a homosexual individual in the midst of your peers, classmates and friends during this 'Brokeback Mountain' cheer," Monroe wrote. "I simply do not understand how a student body claiming to live by Jesuit principles of acceptance and respect for all can allow an incident like this to happen and remain silent."
    The mentally handicaped are persecuted in this great country, and I say rightfully so! These people are NUTS!!!!

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    AO Curmudgeon rcgreen's Avatar
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    Nov 2001
    My theory is that the gays are closet muslims.
    that's why they want to censor other peoples' jokes.
    Besides, if some muslims have six wives, who do all the other
    guys "do it " with?
    I came in to the world with nothing. I still have most of it.

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    The ******* Shadow dalek's Avatar
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    Originally posted here by rcgreen
    My theory is that the gays are closet muslims.
    that's why they want to censor other peoples' jokes.
    Besides, if some muslims have six wives, who do all the other
    guys "do it " with?
    ROFL....their sheep/camels......cats and dogs are scarce.....:-)
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    Frustrated Mad Scientist
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    Dec 2004
    People have already started using the phrase 'Bareback Mounting' for that meaning.

    Ah hell, now we've got to kill RCGreen, I just got the blood out after the last beheading.

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    Sep 2005
    IMO saying that is just like calling someone "a fag" or something to that extent. Dosn't matter if it is a hate crime or not, some immature asshat is gonna say it.

    At any rate, LOL at the movie about gay cowboys.

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    Sep 2005
    hmmmmmm . . . . . debie does dorthy is a lesbian oriented movie, so from now on im going to chant that until it turns into a homophobic slur as well.
    \"He who shall introduce into public affairs the principles of primitive Christianity will change the face of the world.\"
    Benjamin Franklin

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    Jan 2003
    Honestly, I simply hate the term "homophobic". The gay community must be full of egotists to really assume that anyone whom disagrees with their lifestyle is merely threatend by them.
    \"Greatness only comes at great risk.\" ~ Personal/Generic

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    AO Guinness Monster MURACU's Avatar
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    Jan 2004
    Don't you guys know that all men are really closet homos and all women are closet lesbiens. They just ont have the morally courage to come out and admit it. To be honest I have no problem with gays. I repect their way of life as long as they respect mine.
    This is just another example of the americain politically correct or the minority will protest mentality. I put it up there with the winter holidays verus Christmas holidays debate. I am still waiting for a court case where some gets sued for calling his dog blackie .
    \"America is the only country that went from barbarism to decadence without civilization in between.\"
    \"The reason we are so pleased to find other people\'s secrets is that it distracts public attention from our own.\"
    Oscar Wilde(1854-1900)

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    Senior Member nihil's Avatar
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    United Kingdom: Bridlington

    If it's basketball it must be true..............I distinctly remember the lyrics from the immortal Cheech & Chong rendition:

    "The basketball coach done thrown me off the team,
    for wearing high-heeled sneakers, and acting like a queen"

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    Mar 2003
    central il
    my question is how could students at a jesuit school be homophobic. Back in the 80's when the ywhere goign to make loyola acadamy coed the students took to wearign a protest teashirt that stated "How do you seperate the men form the boys at loyola.....With a crowbar.)
    Who is more trustworthy then all of the gurus or Buddha’s?

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