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Thread: aol AV & security question

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    aol AV & security question

    Quick question. I'm not that informed on the latest in AOL & their latest security & antivirus that you get with the service. On the computer ( my friend's ), they use Zone Alarm & Clam antivirus.

    Should we trust in AOL's security & AV alone, or should we continue to use ZA & Clam?

    Any comments & suggestions is greatly appreciated in advance.

    - jay

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    Hi there,

    I could give the advice I get off everyone else, which is that AOL is not good for anything other than making comedy names out of like GayOL. Everyone I have come accross with it has had big problems. The only person I know who really likes it goes on tour with bands as a guitar tech, and most venues and hotels have a wirless broadband link. So AOL can link up anywhere. Other than that his laptop has more rubbish on it than a landfill site. And luckily he is usually on tour, so I don't have to deal with his constant AOL problems.

    My question would be could he go with something other than AOL for his internet connection, and get something like mozilla? AOL from what I remember sort of knots itself up in your operating system.

    I think you might get a little more joy out of the more experienced guys here, cos a lot of people seem to use it.

    I thought they had gone bust in the US anyway, or is that just a myth that economists tell their children when the want them to grow up big and strong.

    Justice Frond
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    I'd say stick with Clam and ZA. AOLOL is only good for email and web browsing and they aren't good at that.

    btw- this probably should be posted in this forum: AntiVirus Discussion

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    Moved...................it isn't security news as such and you might get a better response there

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    AOL is a steaming pile of crap.
    Mankind have a great aversion to intellectual labor; but even supposing knowledge to be easily attainable, more people would be content to be ignorant than would take even a little trouble to acquire it.
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    That is an insult to steaming piles of crap.

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    AOL's security works: it's what picked up an "Advanced keylogger" on a client's computer. The guy originally told me it was Norton's that picked it up, but I got a glance at it today and it was AOL. But I've seen AOL screw PC's up after picking up threats. Lost a boot.ini file to it once.

    There is NO magic bullet when it comes to computer security. You need a combo of programs.

    Or a computer psychic.
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