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Thread: TorPark - Firefox+Tor on a Thumbdrive

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    TorPark - Firefox+Tor on a Thumbdrive

    Anyone else try out TorPark?


    Firefox+Tor for Windows all in a portable package you can put on a thumb drive. You don't even need to be an admin on the box you run it on. I figured you would have to be an admin in XP SP2 so you can open up the port Tor listens on, but that is not the case. Can you just open any listening port if its only accessible to the localhost( ?

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    What would you be able to do with this?
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    It is kind of an anonymizer that routes you through 'Onion Routers' ... and also encrypts the data. I had some trouble while running it, I got alot of 'server cannot be found' errors... dont know if it was just a coincidence or what... also when I went to google.com, it routed me to google.de ... kind of weird...
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    Here is something similar: http://www.bit-tech.net/bits/2006/02..._desk_5/2.html

    Instead of just storing data, U3 allows you to bring data, full applications and personalised settings with you, turning any PC in the world into your daily machine at wil
    Comes supplied with FF and a web anonymizer which run on the thumb drive without ever reaching the PC.

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    The 'portable packages' concept is fascinating. I'd used iscribe for email in the past. Turns out there's a number of packages out there along those lines. Word processors, Thunderbird, web editors...

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    Hi guys,

    Love the idea of this, as when I bought my last pc, I persuaded them to give me a IGb SilverPearl thumb, and have recently been wondering what it's capabilities are.

    I found that Tor link yesterday, and when I downloaded it, a squared freaked out at me saying malware alert, so I stopped. But the latest version is due out by the end of the week, (is it this latest version you found?).

    So far, with my thumb though, I have made it into a password recovery thing for XP, which is really easy, and as I have no floppy drive, XP just promped me for some removeable media, and was happy with the USB thumb, and what's even more groovey, is that you can't detect it on the thumb anywhere, it just works. I then stuck the Firefox browser on it which seems good too, though I have no idea how much it leaves traces on the machine you use it. I also found a PDF viewer which works really nicely. There is a free PDF editor as well though I haven't tried that one yet, so don't know what it is like.

    You can get an ftp client and mail client for for your thumb, which apparently works really well if you leave your emails on a server which I tend to, though I have not tried it yet, but it sounds good if you just have some webspace and usually use mozilla or outlook to view your mail.

    On the sites that I found they were going a little overboard by saying that adaware would run on it and antivirus and the like, but in my mind, for a £35 little 1Gb USB thumb, first of all if you get virus on your thumb, you can just wipe it and if that doesn't work, throwing it in the bin and buying another one is quite effective. I see malware and antivirus as the responsibility of a computer not a "storage device", I always back up any important files elsewhere anyway, simply because I might lose it or wash it (though if you are trying to destroy your thumb, washing doesn't work, most people I know with one has washed it a few times, and it still works). Plus what is the point of using up all that spare memory with updates and the like.

    I do like the idea of putting linux on one though, as apparently it can be done, and what with 2 and 4Gb thumbs out there, well it could be really interesting.

    The one I want to know is if you can put some sort of autoexecutable file on there, so it will pop up an explorer window as soon as you insert it, now that would be good. Can anyone point me in the direction of doing that? Could you do it with a simple batch file? if so, where can I learn about batch files?

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