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Thread: What Makes Content Actionable?

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    What Makes Content Actionable?

    not exactly the right forum...but...somebody has to post here, according to the page, no one's posted for 30 days...and this is close enough

    What Makes Content Actionable?

    We have written about the idea of content that is critical to business process before, such as the content that is intimately tied to eCommerce (see here and here). Forrester Research, as well as Gilbane colleagues Mary Laplante and Bill Zoellick like the term "transactional content," and Bill and Mary have offered the following helpful definition in the past:Transactional content can be defined as shared information that drives business-to-business processes. It is the content that flows through the commerce chain, initiating and automating processes such as procurement, order management, supply chain planning, and product support. Transactional content is - Read More

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    I was intrigued by the title, since I've been dealing with compliance issues of late. Actionable would be content that would require prosecution or termination in that context.

    Sounds like your references want to find the point at which content triggers action (or transactions) of a monetary kind. While they can generally, or losely, define a transaction as the transfer of information rather than funds; I think the definitive point in eCommerce is when the transaction results in the transfer of lucre.

    On an altruistic basis, exchange and transfer of information is nice to have. There is no motivating force behind it other than the desire for information and the desire to share. Both of those desires are enhanced when there is a profit potential involved.

    So, from a regulatory perspective, how much of the activity that leads up to the final, monetary transaction is directly connected. How much of that activity must be captured, or should be captured? Is the final transaction, the purchase, the thing? Or is the search, the stumbling around, blind alleys and wild geese all part and parcel to the package?

    And, how much do we want to be held accountable for that information?

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