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Thread: LightScribe CD/DVD Labeling

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    LightScribe CD/DVD Labeling

    Labelflash vs LightScribe DVD/CD Labeling

    Better than the Old Sharpe Method.

    Discs printed with LightScribe and Labelflash are both really nice to look at. When we asked THG employees which ones they thought looked the best, they said they preferred the blue-colored discs, perhaps due to the color and more contrasting coating. The selection of discs and burners is much larger with LightScribe, however, a fact reflected in the price of blank discs. While discs for Labelflash cost about $2.5 (2), prices for LightScribe DVDs have fallen to around $1. Prices are unlikely to go down more until the number of disc makers for Labelflash has substantially increased. Another disadvantage is that there are currently no blank CDs for Labelflash. It is hard to say at this time which one will become established. Laser printing in up to four color layers is in the works, which both LightScribe and Labelflash will have to support

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    Don't know why this is in HardWare.?. Maybe it would be better of in General Computer Discussions instead..


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