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Thread: Exchange 2003 & VPN

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    Question Exchange 2003 & VPN

    I've got an odd issue here. A client is trying to connect to Exchange in cache mode over VPN via his laptop and PDA. He used to be able to do so fine, but for some reason, without any changes being made to his system or configuration, he hasn't been able to anymore this last week. He receives the message "the server is not available".

    I'm new to Exchange, so I'm rather lost on this one. Can anyone point me in a direction to get started with on this issue?

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    What OS is he running on the laptop??

    How does he connect to the vpn via the laptop\PDA....... high speed..... wireless??

    Can he connect to the internet???

    Can he ping the vpn address??

    are you going through a router??

    does he have a firewall??

    does the server have a firewall??

    How can you be sure "nothing" has changed on his end???


    I think you get the point...............

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