I am looking for some help. Hence Why I am seeking the AO members.

My company has multiple forms that we are printing and having people fill out as request forms (request for a cell phone, pager, laptop, etc)

I am wanting to create something (or use an already exisiting program) that will allow a user to:

visit a page
input the information (name, department, check boxes for what they need)
have the option to email the form to whoever to approve and have them email it to IT where we can process and fulfill the request.

I am looking for a free way to do this. The only database applications I have access to would be access. I would have to go through hoops to get this added to one of our SQL servers and its just not worth the convienence. I am also hoping to come across a free application or something that would be under 100 dollars. My current thought process is just to create the digital form in word and make it read only, have the user save and forward it to their boss who would forward it to IT. I would rather have the option to email it straight from the webpage.

Any thoughts would be appreciated.