Anyone here been getting e-mails from so called "Chase Bank"?

for the past 2 days, ive gathered 4-5 domains. And i was hoping that its 1-3 servers just registered in many domains, however it isnt. each site has its own unique ip address. and the e-mails are properly scripted. The mail comes as html format with javascript embedded in the legit link.

once u click it, u will be reditected to 2 sites. the final site will have the phising page, but the address on the address bar is fake, its an image. u cant copy the text.

There are a lot of these Chase phishing e-mails, and the re-direction and phishing pages are more complex than the common ones you see.

below is a sample of the phishing scam, but the original format wont be in it.

--------------- E-mail starts here -------------------------------------------------------------

From: <>
To: <>
Subject: Message ID 93775419 IMPORTANT: Update Your Account
Date: Thu, 16 Feb 2006 11:39:31 -0300

Dear Chase Customer

Thank you for submitting the requested information about your account.
We have compared the information that you have supplied and the ATM Pin number is not the same as the one in our records.

To ensure that your account is not compromised please login to Chase Internet Banking by clicking this link, verify your identity, your account information and supply a valid ATM Pin number in order to get your acount reactivated by our system.

- Click on:
Mouse over actually said javascript:ol('');

- Enter your personal information and supply a valid ATM Pin number.
- Verify your identity with Chase

If at any time you require assistance, please contact our Online Account Services customer hotline at 1-800-788-7000 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

Thank you for using Chase Online Account Services.

Genevieve Smith -
Chase Security Department

2006 Chase,Inc . All rights

------------------------------ E-mail ends here -------------------------------------------------------------