Many details announced today:

AMD is expected to launch two dual-core CPUs for Socket AM2 on June 2006: Athlon 64 X2 5000+ and Athlon 64 FX-62. Both processors will be based on F core revision working at 2.6GHz and 2.8GHz respectively. This way, the new AMD core will not only acquire DDR2 memory support, but also will increase the frequency potential of the dual-core AMD processors without switching to new production technology. Just as the previous E core revision, the upcoming F core revision will still be manufactured with 90nm SOI process.

Here I would like to note that most of the solutions for Socket AM2 will start sampling in the end of this month already. AMD’s server partners will get their hands on the first Opteron samples for Socket F starting with April 30th , and the retail models will be available for pre-ordering on April 15th . Looks like the first shipments of new Opteron processors will go solely to the server makers.

The details of the CPUs are even more interesting. Apparently the L2 cache takes up less area (9% less of the die space), but the die size has increased. The IMC has gotten slightly bigger, but I'd imagine that virtualization is the primary reason for the increase in transistor count / die size.

TDPs are another story. All AM2 CPUs will be based on revision F, and the 2.6ghz X2 with 2mb of total L2 will have a TDP of 89W. The operating voltage should be around 1.2v, which seems like quite an achievement. However, the 2.8ghz FX62 will have a TDP of 125W, which certainly isn't a step in the right direction. I think if AMD could have produced a reasonably cool 2.8ghz X2, they would have an even fight with conroe, but it doesn't look like we will see such a product until 65nm, unless something magical happens. Considering the age of 90nm and the need for 65nm, I think RevF is the last 90nm stepping.

I guess what we've said for a while now is still true, AMD's success hinges on Conroe's IPC and a faster (and successful) transition to 65nm.

Anyway, have a look. There's even a shot of the die for people who are into that sort of thing.