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    Can't delete user account in XP

    Hi guys,

    I am here at a mate's pc, and looking at his security on here, and I notice he has another user account on here which is no longer used. I tried to look for the disable box like you get on windows 2000 but could only find delete account. When I questioned him about it, he said that all files on that account can go, but when I tried to delete it, it just hung.

    How can I delete this account, or at least disable it? Is this a commonly known issue.

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    Huh - stupid question nokia but must i type exactly that or must i refernce it to an account password?
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    go to Start > Run
    then type it as printed

    control userpasswords2

    it works on XP home and pro
    use it to make users go through the crtl alt del sequence for logging on too

    and the thread is old, well, the first bit was
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    heh, did anyone bother to check the original post date of this thread? :-P

    And Cider, I believe you have to type that exactly... 'control userpasswords2'
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