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    Am I condemned to Dos with Java Apps?

    I have been working with Java, and I was taught that one either makes an application which runs in DOS or one writes an applet.

    The problem is that I'm making a calculator, and I'd like it to resemble - well - a software application. That is to say, double click on the .exe file which opens the window, and - sha-ZAM! - the calculator is there!

    The problem is that I haven't found literature for Java software applications that is applicable to the situation.

    Am I condemned to DOS with Java? Will I have to choose another language? Or could I create a software app with Java?

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    Are you talking about Windows?

    If one has a decent JRE properly installed, one can double click on the .class or the .jar file which opens the window, and - sha-ZAM! - the calculator is there!

    If one doesn't have JRE installed and/or one wants to see an .exe file, one should go to www.sourceforge.net and search for java windows executables.

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    Arkimedes, I think what your talking about is creating graphical user interfaces with your Java program. Java has some nice options avaliable to you. There's Swing, SWT, and AWT

    Good luck, it's not to hard to develop with.
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