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Thread: vmware images ........

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    Question vmware images ........


    I used google to search for archives of vmware images, and came up with nada. Any of you can recommend
    a archive of vmware images, so I don't have to download and install multiple os repeatly. The only decent website that I
    could manage to find was http://www.thoughtpolice.co.uk/. I really like to find a archive with
    redhat (fedora), debian, or anything of the main desribution. Any help would will do ....

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    Hi there and welcome to AO,

    I dont think that you will have much luck searching on "vmware" I would suggest "ISO images"

    You might give this a try?


    Hope that helps

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    Thoughtpolice is the best one I know of. There aren't really that many sites willing to waste their bandwidth by supplying the public with something they can make for themselves in no time at all. If you want an easy way out of installing ISOs for use with VMware, you might like my article. LinuxISO or LQISO are both great ISO resources.


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    VMWare has a number of Virtual Machines (what you call "images") that you can download.

    Their Virtual Machine Center at http://www.vmware.com/vmtn/vm/ has the following downloadable Virtual Machines:

    SUSE Linux Enterprise Server
    Novell Linux Desktop
    Red Hat Enterprise Linux

    On their page for Community Virtual Machines, which are VMs put together and uploaded by users, they have:

    3 versions of Debian
    4 versions of Fedora Core 4
    Damn Small Linux
    Free BSD
    SUSE 10.0 w/KDE 3.5
    Kubuntu (Ubuntu with KDE)
    2 versions of PC-BSD
    Puppy Linux

    The have the following pre-releases:

    5 versions of Fedora Core 5
    FreeBSD 6.0
    ReactOS 0.29
    2 versions of Syllable

    They have several other VMs there as well and more are added all the time.

    As mentioned in another post, you can also roll your own VM using any LiveCD distro's .ISO.

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