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Thread: Vista backdoors by design?

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    Vista backdoors by design?

    Followin an earlier thread on this subject, this article seems to provide a rather more balanced view.


    Basically it would be commercial suicide for Microsoft, and a waste of time because criminals don't abide by the law by definition

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    What this means is that by default your hard disc will be encrypted using a key that you cannot physically get at..
    This is going to make it harder for me to ever figure out how to
    hack hotmail.

    What, then, might Microsoft have been talking to the Home Office about? Most assuredly not about putting back doors in Vista: "We are committed to working with law enforcement to help them understand Vista security features and will continue to partner with governments, law enforcement and industry to help make the Internet a safer place"
    um, yeah.

    Nor is it in Microsoft's interests for legislators to restrict the strength of encryption, or for legislators to require back doors. It wouldn't work anyway, because lawbreakers and terrorists by definition do not obey the law
    Besides, one day after vista is released, someone else will be distributing
    a back door anyway.
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