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Thread: WiFi Setup Problem

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    WiFi Setup Problem

    I am setting up a small WiFi in the company, bought Linksys WRTG54 Boradband Router. Here's the configuration I have assigned in the Router.

    In Internet Setup: I have used DHCP assigned IP.

    MTU: Auto

    Local IP:

    There is a tab of advanced Routing: In which i have to select Gateway or Router in operation mode and Enter entries for Static Routing. At the moment there is nothing in it

    1) Now i am already running a DHCP server on the network so should i enable the DHCP feature of the router or not?

    2) I can managed to connect to this Wireless network, but soon after few mins. i get d/c and then i have to reset the settings and can get access again. In Basic Wireless i have selected WPA personal and used a shared key : XXXXX now there is a tab there Group Key Renewal, its range is 600-7200 seconds.

    Could anyone tell me why i am getting disconnected after 5-10 mins from the Wireless network and then when i click reset setting and re-set the values back to what i have used it get back online again. ?

    Basically i want to use it as Access point only.
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    You probably want Gateway mode.

    One DHCP server per subnet in most cases. If you enable both, be absolutely certain there's no overlap in the address ranges they allocate.

    In terms of the disconnection, do you have another wireless client you can test with to see if it's a client or server issue? I'm leaning towards client; I have my Linksys WAG54G set up with WPA personal, a passphrase and the default 3600 seconds, and I've never had issues.

    Are you using Windows' management tool on the client, or the software that came with the wireless card?

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    Fanacool, I moved this to the Wireless forum, out of Chit Chat. Some members don't read the non-technical forums. You'll probably get better exposure here.
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    First of apologize for putting this thread on wrong forum, and Thanx for pointing out, hopefully next time no such STUPID mistake will be occur :-)


    Ok i have enabled DHCP server and yes you are right its not conflicting with anything.
    Now coming to main problem, disconnection is from router as i have tested it on 5 different clients, all were connected and working perfectly and soon after few mins. wireless connection disappear like there is no WiFi around.

    I have been to Linksys realtime support they told me to upgrade my firmware i did the it and things get worse soon after it, i was not able to even access the router through the IP i gave and i even tried default IP, but as I was getting late in office so i have to left the problem there and will see it tomorrow.

    you using Windows' management tool on the client, or the software that came with the wireless card?

    Windows management tool on client for what? I need little explanation on it.
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    After a firmware upgrade, you must do a factory reset on the router (hold the button in for 20 seconds or so) and re-enter all your settings. If it still doesn't work after that, hassle Linksys again -- with multiple clients behaving badly it sounds like a router problem.

    As for the windows/manufacturer question, there are two basic options for configuring wireless on a Windows XP machine. One is to just install network drivers for your card, and use the Wireless Zero Configuration service in Windows to connect to things (it's the little graph in the tray that pops up a "Wireless networks detected" balloon). The other is to install both the drivers and utility provided by your NIC manufacturer, then use that software to configure connections (the Windows stuff gets disabled).

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    Maybe because I've only used DLinks, but I thought when you applied a firmware upgrade it automatically resets all settings to factory default?

    Windows XP has a management tool for WiFi connections (part of the network conenction wizard). If the WiFi adapter is built in then you'll be using that. (most likely)

    If you have a PCMCIA card from say Linksys, you would have software you can use for it.

    Some laptops, like Toshiba, have connection managers too (I removed mine, it was junk)

    To access the Windows one, double-click the WiFi signal icon on the taskbar by the clock

    Hope this helps a bit?

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    FanaCool, ok. This could be a few things so let me ask some basic questions first.
    I understand that some bluetooth technology devices can interefere with Wifi signals. Do you have any bluetooth devices around? Bluetooth technology can be in anything from phones, to palm pilots, etc.
    When you say you get disconnected, what is your signal strength on the router? Are you disconnecting because of signal strength issues or are you just getting booted?
    Another thing. You mentioned WPA-PSK is setup. Do you have the identical settings on your client, SSID, passphrase, etc.?
    As for running two DHCP's, I had nothing but problems with that. If you already have your DHCP server setup, then set one static IP on the router for your server and disable the DHCP on your router. See, I'm a little confused as to your setup here.
    It just seems that running two DHCP's would be asking for trouble. I may be wrong and anyone whose more in-tune with the process can chime in here.
    You say you are already running a DHCP server. I'm assuming all your clients connect through the server which is in turn connected to the internet?. The IP range is established on the DHCP server and it hands IP's out as needed. Now enter another DHCP server, the wireless router. With a wifi connection to the router and a hardline connection to the DHCP server, wouldn't there be some kind of IP conflict?
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    I 've had a similar problem once. I saw the wireless network, could connect, but after connecting (immediately btw, not after some minutes) I was disconnected and couldn't find the wireless network anymore.

    I solved this by using a different frequency (6 in stead of the default 11). This immediately solved the problem and all clients could connect normally. There was probably some interference or something... Maybe it will work for you as well.

    Furthermore, I wouldn't use more than 1 DHCP server per subnet. Even if they don't interfere it would cause for some unpredictability as you wouldn't know which DHCP server would be reached first and therefore which would supply an IP adress to the client. And as we all know unpredictability is the enemy of security
    Also, there is no need, as you alread have DHCP anyway...


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    @tt!tud3 Yes after installation i did reset the router and exactly followed the procedures.

    ShagDevil There are no such Bluetooth devices near, altough mobile phones are there, but i have checked the router in a room where there was only my laptop and router.

    Well signal are powerful as i said i checked it with router almost 5 feets away from the laptop, there were no sign of signals getting week.

    The passphrase of WPA is set on clients otherwise i don;t think they would be able to access the network.

    As far as DHCP thing is concerned, I am confused here too well somebody refer me that i should enable the DHCP on the router but i have personally feels when i have a DHCP server on my wired network why should i go for enabling it on the router. Although if i enable the DHCP on router IPs will not conflict cause the IP's that the router will assign are excluded from the Main DHCP server.

    Topography: - I am first trying to run the WiFi in demo enviornment i mean checkin it on 2 laptops at the moment both are closer to the router, when i am able to access the network i usually move around with laptop to check the signal strength. So again there are no hardles in b/w router and mt client, we are in line of sight.


    Hmhm i think i should try some other channel too.

    When scan for wirless network i can see more than 3 wireless network, all running the building, two of them are not secure i can easily access the internet services on them. Might be i am having interference due to them so i will be definetly check after changing the channel.
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