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Thread: WinXP WorkStation Printer Operator rights question

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    WinXP WorkStation Printer Operator rights question

    Hello there,

    I am looking for a solution to the following issue: I need to give total rights to a workstation user to printers - manage, add, modify, delete, whatwever he wants. I looked up to this and there suppose to be a solution by adding the user to "Printer Operator" group but but... on the workstation there is not this group since MS says: "The Print Operators and Server Operators groups are located only on Windows Server domain controllers".

    Temporarly I added the user to "Power User" group but I'd like some help if it's possible to add such an "Printer Operator" group on a normal winxp box.

    Thanks in advance.

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    Ghost, I was researching this quite a bit and found I guess a somewhat simple solution.
    Ok, here goes.
    1. Start -> Control Panel -> Administrative Tools-> Computer Management
    2. Under Local Users & Groups, select Groups
    3. Right Click on and select "New Group"
    4. Create "Printer Operator" (Group Name), add the person you want to be the Printer Operator to the Members section.
    5. click Create and close out of Administrative Tools.
    6. While still in the Control Panel, select Printer & Faxes
    7. Highlight the printer you want to establish privilages and right click
    8. Select the Security tab
    9. Add the "Printer Operator" group you just created to the Group or User name.
    10. Select the appropriate permissions you want the Printer Operator group to have
    Ok, after this don't forget to remove this user from the Power Users group. Put them back into the Users group or whatever you originally had them in. Another note, you don't have to add the "Printer Operator" group if you don't want to. You can just highlight the printer and add the user and then set permissions for that user. I just happen to prefer using groups because if you want more than one user (in the future) to have administrative rights over the printers, you can just add them to the "Printer Operator" group.
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