Hi there,

Now I have read the rules of this site and in fact looked round pretty much most of it, bar reading all the posts (lets be real shall we) and I am amazed at how many people get banned. And I spose more amazed that I haven't been with my irrelevet quips and stunning chiselled features. I always look at the hidden posts in a thread, and I am very glad that you have chosen that way of dealing with it instead of some sites where they just delete you from the planet and log your IP and probably MAC address (if that's possible) in order to make sure you don't come back.

So I would be interested in what it is that gets people banned. I realise posting how to's and actual slices of working code is a no no, as I understand that you don't need to know exactly how to do something to protect yourself from it. You don't need to know how to punch someone to know how to step aside when some one does punch you (or is that my sad advanced martial arts that has trained me to see a punch and be able to step to the side before his fist is up). And I understand that annoying the hell out of the admin dudes is probably not the best either, though god I've tried.

But seriously, I am interested as I see a lot of people here for the blink of an eye.

Your comments might be helpfull to some.

Judge Jonnny