It is a problem with your hard disc or your RAM.

Check the RAM

Most often, 0x..050 is associated with dud RAM. That includes main memory, video and CPU cache memory. If you have more than one stick of RAM, start ripping the sticks out one at a time. If you only have one stick, you will need to find someone who can help you out with a spare stick that fits your machine.

If that doesnt work:

Disable all BIOS caching and speed-up options.
Disable power management.
If you are overclocking, don't.

If Windows starts to install, then BSOD's you will still have files on your HDD, format, run a scandisc (surface) before trying to re-install anything to check your harddrive is ok.

The error codes are memory or HDD read errors not CD-ROM read errors so my money is on your RAM.

Hope it helps!