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    Which software to install

    When setting up a computer for a friend or associate I usually make sure that these things are installed because they are, I think, "vital".

    - Antivirus/Anti-Spyware software
    - Firefox
    - Adobe Acrobat
    - An office suite (Open Office or MS Office)
    - RealPlayer and Quicktime
    - DVD Player codec (if he or she has a dvd player)
    - CD burning software
    and Filesharing software so that he or she can download copies of media that he or she already owns.

    Are there any other programs that you guys think are "vital" when setting up a computer? Or are there programs that you guys always install on a system for a certain reason?
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    My cousin once wouldn't pay me for reinstalling Windows on his computer, so I installed something I thought vital to negotioating this:

    PC-DOS 6.3

    This was like 2 years ago.

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    Didn't see a firewall on your list (or an OS ).

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    A few things I make sure are there:

    1. An image viewer/manager (I tend to use Irfanview because it is free)
    2. Some sort of art/drawing application. Coreldraw, MSPaint or whatever.
    3. E-mail client and account
    4. Diary/PIM application

    OK these may be included in other packages, but I would check that the functionality is there, somewhere

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