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Thread: Exchange server VS MDaemon

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    Exclamation Exchange server VS MDaemon

    Hi gals/Guys

    We are currently ussing MDaemon as the Email server and after few days its registration

    will be expired. So as I was planning rather than shifting to a newer version why not

    move to Exchange server. Although i have very little experience about exchange server also

    that was just in a test enviornment. I would be greatful if you guys/gals can answer below

    quesitons: -

    => What are the benefits of having Exchange server over MDaemon or vice versa.

    => What are the pros and cons of having an exchange server.

    => How difficult is to configure Exchange as compared to MDaemon keeping in mind that I

    have little experience about it.

    I know i can google and even goto msexchange.org for information but i need help from you

    guys/gals. As this would be help from people who actullay have experience of implementing

    and managing this software.

    We have around 150 email addresses at the moment and will be double within 3-4 months

    due to expansion program. All using Microsoft Outlook 2003/XP/2000 even there are few

    using Outlook express duno why they can't use MS outlook.
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    Exchange has groupware and calendar functionality (in combination with Outlook)..
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