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Thread: US court backs hallucinogenic tea

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    US court backs hallucinogenic tea

    This one is for GORE.

    US court backs hallucinogenic tea

    The group blends Christian beliefs and South American traditions
    A small US congregation can use hallucinogenic tea as part of its rituals to connect with God, the Supreme Court has ruled.
    The unanimous decision is court's first religious freedom case since Chief Justice John Roberts was appointed.

    The hoasca tea is considered sacred to members of the group, O Centro Espirita Beneficente Uniao do Vegetal.

    In its ruling, the court said the government must allow the use of the tea under religious freedom laws.

    Mr Roberts wrote that federal drug agents should have been barred from confiscating the tea.

    However, the justices sent the case back to a federal appeals court, which could consider more evidence.

    Controlled substance

    The administration of President George W Bush had argued that the tea was illegal and potentially dangerous.

    Members of the group believe they can understand God only by drinking the tea, which is consumed twice a month at four-hour ceremonies.

    The brewed tea, made from two plants that grow in the Amazon, contains dimethyltryptamine, or DMT, a controlled substance banned under federal drug laws.

    About 130 members of a Brazil-based church were involved in long-running dispute with federal agents, who seized their tea in 1999.

    Mr Roberts, a conservative, was appointed to the court last year.

    Since he replaced another conservative, William Rehnquist, that change was not thought likely to affect the court's balance.

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    So wait, is everyone allowed it or is it strictly for those who belong to the religion?

    Members of the group believe they can understand God only by drinking the tea, which is consumed twice a month at four-hour ceremonies.
    They can only understand God by drinking the tea... hallucinogenic tea... interesting, to say the least.
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    It's ironic that a lot of people assumed that Roberts would be
    categorically against civil liberties. Maybe some people need to
    take back all the mean things they were saying against him.
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    Sweet. My religion says I can kill people I don't like. Oh! I almost forgot; it says I can do Meth while infringing on other laws--all to be more one and comprehensive to my god and doctrine of course....The time to appeal is nigh!
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    i making a pot smokers religion... and dubbing my house a tax exempt church.

    there will be bibles... with hemp covers...

    there will be communion... smoke the bong and dig out the fake wine and crackers....

    LOOP HOLE!! tehe
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    I wonder if the Rasta's have heard about this yet
    they DO like their pot ...........
    Bob Marley used to get through KILO'S of the stuff

    VERY religious to them
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    VERY religious to them
    Hehe maybe we should let them know about it and become Rastas, eh? I mean, it is a core part of their religion
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    I am not really surprised at the ruling, as it already holds good for native American religions. They use peyote and other mescalin bearing cacti:


    Please note:

    1. This site is legitimate.
    2. Will not supply products to countries where they are illegal.

    It is actually quite weird; although they are selling the stuff to a "certain market" they are a lot cheaper than a "normal" cactus supplier for a specimen/show plant.

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    Hallucinogeic tea? Ain't that why the Brits are such tea zealots?

    Yeah, the NDN peyote and mesc ceremonies are legitimately done by a very small, branch of the Native American Church. I don't go in for that, and it has never been the tradition of any group I've been involved with. I get close enough to the Creator in a sweatlodge with no other help, thank you.

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