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  • Have a procedure to remove access but we don't audit it

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  • We have a procedure to remove access AND we audit it

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  • We don't have a procedure but we run routine checks for dormant accounts

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  • We have no procedures or routine checks I am aware of

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    I am unsure weather Bart's PE is classified as a Live-CD Toolkit but I have been using it and realy like it. It alows you to build a fully customizeable boot disk that will load a mini XP enviroment with free tools that you compiled into the cd. You can add tools such as spyware scanners, virus scanners, process managers, hijack this, startup managers and such. I Found it very usefull in the past and have just recently started using it again.


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    I used Knoppix STD. Primarily use it for etheeal, but I guess I could use another for the same application.

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    Well i must admit, i've got the Phlak addiction. {Check my profile picture } anyhow i like it because it's light, and doesn't consume a heap of computer resource's.
    It comes with a heap of security tools to play with.
    And i love it as i can boot it up on any computer, and just use Ctrl-D and i'm instantly on the Sneaky desktop so any suspecting person would think i'm using XP..

    I used to use knoppix, but i personally found it to be a system resource hog. and it really hasn't got a lot of updated tools.

    anyhow all in all i would choose Phlak everytime.


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