Hi, one of my server's just crashed and it had a RAID 5 array on it. I can see the physical devices in windows and linux, but I can't see the partition's it houses. It should show 3 partitions, from 4 drives.

I can see the partitions and browse it only in the Windows Recovery Console. It seems to work fine in here. But no where else. I would like to move a large amount of the files from here to somewhere else, but copy in Recovery Console only does one at a time.

I have tried using Knoppix 4.0.2 (latest) and mdadm to mount the partition but to no avail, although the guides I was using were using were far less than complete. There is no /proc/mdstat which most guides refer too. I think it could be because of the hardware.

I had to resort to copy file by file from one drive to another and recreating the directory structure to get some critical things up and running. But the rest is killing me.

The hardware RAID is Adaptec AAA-133U2 part of the Adaptec Array1000 Family. We have a non RAID SCSI adapter we can connect it to, if software can emulate the raid. When we connected it to this it detected all the drives, but could not mount the partitions. It does not appear to be a RAID card problem since we swapped it out with an exactly identical card, same model firmware, and bought at the same time.

The software manager for the RAID adapter says it can not detect/communicate with the card, but it has to be possible since we can in Windows Recovery Console.

I am just about to try WinPE and Ultimate Boot CD, in the hopes os salvaging this.

Any ideas? Anyone able to type a consice walk through on how to use linux to mount a raid, without it having been created in Linux (which seems to be the problem).