Just thought I would share one of the email that I got in the last couple of weeks funny thing is the only link that works is to the scammers SO DO NOT TRY ANY OF THE LINKSI have taken out my email address other than that here it is just the way I received it. I noticed after I posted all the links were workig so I have added an x to them.
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At this time we need you to confirm your online account with our existing database. As soon as our database will be updated we need to make a few important anouncements to our customers so please update your contact information with no delay.

The account statement for your Online account can be confirmed at any time clicking the link bellow:

Our database will be instantly updated.

We are committed to the responsible use and protection of customer information on our website. At Chase Manhattan we are dedicated to provide you with exceptional service and to ensure your trust. If you have any questions regarding our services, please check the website or call our customer service.

Richard J. Srednicki - Card Services,
Chase Manhattan Bank.

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