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Thread: firewall logs

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    firewall logs

    I am running Norton Internet Security 05 and when I check out the farewall logs I get something like "there are items to show in this view. Now here is the thing I know that I have been attacked so why aren't these attackes showing up in the logs. I just ran the free Sygate scan and not even that shows up in the logs. Now maybe I am just stupid, or maybe I am more secure than I thought.

    So why aren't this scans showing up in the logs.

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    I don't run Norton, and certainly would not on a Windows ME box due to the potential performance issues. However, as a general rule:

    You need to read the manual and check your settings. More sophisticated firewalls allow you to customise the logging/reporting and filter out basically harmless internet "noise" You can also set up blocks and permissions.

    Have a look at what your settings are.

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    Open Internet Security and click on Statistics, you will then see the number of attacks
    since your last reboot, as it only provides your computer's network activity since the last time you started Windows.

    If nothing is there, try clicking on Detailed Statistics instead of the View Logs
    it usually brings up better results on all inbound and outbound UDP, TCP connections.

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    You said you know you have been attacked right ?

    How do you know, and how and why didnt Norton prevent it (apart from it being Norton of course)
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