Ok, I need some advice.

I just moved to Texas and am temporarily staying with some family in middle-of-nowhere Midlothian, which is about half an hour south of the DFW. Right now, all we have is SUPER sucky dial-up, so they asked me to find a good high-speed service for them.

Did I mention this is out in the middle of nowhere?

So it looks like Comcast and SBC are no-nos, as they don't extend out in our area. So no DSL, no cable, which is what I'm familiar with. So what should I look into? They're thinking about satellite, but I know very little about it. Do keep in mind this is strictly for standard home use, so upload speeds aren't so much an issue.

But being completely new to the DFW, I don't even know where to start looking for what's available. Can someone in the know point me in a direction? Anyone care to direct B|ack|ce to this thread?