OK... I didn't know which forum to post this on, but I know there are lots of brilliant AntiOnliners out there that have helped me in the past... hopefully you see this:

I have a VPN setup between two SonicWall TZ170s in my two offices. I am running a Window Network but have a Unix mainframe we access for a lot of our data. In my main office I use TinyTerm emulator to access the mainframe. Up in my other office that runs over the VPN I use FacetWin. Since I installed FacetWin it has been disconnecting randomly every 15 minutes to an hour and we need to keep reconnecting. Which doesn't seem like a big deal but it is filling up all my pseudo-devices and causing a big mess. I determined that only the terminals the were inactive for while were the ones that were disconnecting. I had my software developer just send a null character every couple minutes to keep the sessions alive and that has remedied the problem for now. But I would really like to find out what is causing the problem.

I've already determined the Internet connections and the VPN connection itself is not going down.

Any thoughts? Need anymore details?