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    I don't know anything about politics mate..........I always vote Conservative

    You know I was considering voting liberal because you have more chance of them not getting in, thus avoiding the "well you can't talk, did you vote?" speeches, but now I have plummeted for a kids party with ice cream and jelly, and I expect to see both you and dalek there for a game of soon to be dead lions.

    And then a nice game of....

    Murder in the Frond
    Sarcasm is a way of life

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    Lets kick out the Tories
    the rulers of this land
    for they are the enemies
    of the British working man
    and it shows, while that bastard is in unemployment grows
    and it shows, in hospitals, factories and
    the schools that they've closed.

    I remembered the lyrics and thought them apt.

    Anyone know who the artist is? I will send you my decoder ring if you figure it out!!!

    "Where the tree of knowledge stands, there is always paradise": thus speak the oldest and the youngest serpents.
    - Friedrich Nietzsche

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    Easy peasy lemon squeezy....

    it's the Neurotics

    Gimme my prize

    Jonny I'm better than you Frond
    Sarcasm is a way of life

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