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Thread: Zone Alarm would not install

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    Zone Alarm would not install


    Just went round to pay deposite on a rented room, and the landlady started asking me it stuff, she has just got Broadband installed in the house, that she is paying for, and she doesn't live there, isn't she the sweetest little landlady ever? Best to keep her that way eh.

    Anyway, she has just bought a splendid little laptop about the size of an A5 envelope, brand new, and I offered to make it a little secure for her before she went on the net.

    I tried to install ZoneAlarm, but it would not install, a box popped up saying something about not being able to verify.

    Now, my guess after getting home, is that maybe being brand new with newly installed XP, that the updates may not have been done, so that she has not got service pack 2, is this a possibility?

    I couldn't install latest spybot till I did SP2 update on a mates machine the other day.

    If not, what else could be the problem?

    I checked to make sure that I was on an admin account, and it was, I think it is XP Home, though I didn't have time to really check what was on there.

    Any help would be wonderfully appreciated.

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    There are more likely chances of the installer being corrupt (the file that you are trying to install is corrupt) try downloading the installation file again and then give it a try.

    I think this is the only problem I just checked zonelabs. You can see the system requirements here :

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    Greetings.... Mr. Frondie

    I doubt that the lack of SP2 would cause ZA not to install.
    I have been using ZA Pro ver. 6.1.737 for quite a while now and up until recently, I didn't have SP2 installed. It would update properly and I have installed new versions etc.

    What exactly does the error message say? How does the install go...does it finish and then not let the program start, or does it just not execute the installation process?

    Try also here:
    Programs that are known to experience...

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