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Thread: Justice Department IP Banned

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    Justice Department IP Banned

    Here's a funny story, from...

    In response to recent accusations that United States government employees have engaged in Wikipedia vandalism and other forms of perceived negative editing of articles, Wikipedia editors have set up a webpage listing all Wikipedia edits made through IP addresses that are allocated to the United States House of Representatives and other United States government agencies. The House IP address was briefly banned from editing Wikipedia articles in the wake of the initial controversy, but the ban was lifted on January 30 after Wikipedia administrators decided that there have been a number of valuable contributions made through the House and Senate IP addresses in addition to the controversial edits.

    On January 31 and February 1, however, the U.S. House of Representatives' common IP address,, were banned again for three hours due to vandalism. Because the IP address is shared by House staff members, it is uncertain whether or not the same person(s) responsible for the previous vandalism are also responsible for the latest.

    Examples of negative contributions submitted through the House IP address include removing, "In 2005, he has come under scrutiny for accepting campaign contributions from embattled former house leader Tom Delay," from the article on Thad McCotter, removing election statistics from the article on Dan Lungren, and, in the article on Marilyn Musgrave, changing the paragraph

    "As a state legislator, Musgrave spent much of her time on social issues, particularly authoring bills to deny marriage rights and parental rights for gay and lesbian families. One of her final, failed bills would have made it much more difficult for same-sex parents to see their children in the hospital during an emergency. Musgrave also cast the only vote against legislation to give battered spouses paid leave from work."


    "As a state legislator, Musgrave spent much of her time on social issues, particularly authoring bills to protect children and the traditional definition of marriage, as well as gun owner's rights."

    After the block from Wikipedia expired, the House of Representatives user continued to introduce even more bias and political spin in an article on Chris Shays. Chris Shays had co-sponsored a bill with Marty Meehan, whose staffers had previously been found to have been negatively editing Wikipedia entries, The American Civil Liberties Union said of the bill "key elements of Shays-Meehan violate the First Amendment right to free speech because the legislation contains provisions that would violate the constitutionally-protected right of the people to express their opinions about issues through broadcast advertising if they mention the name of a candidate." All mentions of the bill were removed from the article. Also removed was a paragraph about Chris Shays raising $70,000 with House Speaker Dennis Hastert at a country club event.

    Again, the IP address was blocked for an eight-hour period.

    Wikipedia edits in Congress are not coming from the House of Represenatives alone. An edit from the Senate in July removed references to a plagiarism scandal with Senator Joe Biden, who has informally said he may seek a Democratic nomination for president in 2008. As of February 4, 2006, the edit has not fixed by Wikipedia users. On February 2, 2006, the same IP address introduced a bias into the article on the Hamas, the largest Palestinian Islamic movement, which has recently made headlines for winning a majority in Palestinian Legislative Council elections.

    CIA, the Department of Justice, Marines, and Naval vandalism

    IP addresses from the CIA, the Department of Justice, the Marines, and the Navy are listed on the site as having made several cases of vandalism. Some examples of vandalism from the Department of Justice IP ranges involve articles on TV and radio shows, a baseball player, or just complaining about their work. In addition to accusations of vandalism, there have also been accusations of government employees introducing perceived bias, political spinning, or misinformation into Wikipedia articles by adding or removing information.

    These cases include articles on an Irish politician, and in the George W. Bush article, introducing accusations of Hugo Chavez being a dictator, and removing information covering the George W. Bush substance abuse controversy. In addition, a person using a Department of Justice IP address edited a page covering indicted former Republican Majority Leader Tom DeLay. The editor removed two paragraphs stating a judge ruled that Tom DeLay had broken state law by not disclosing over $600,000 of fundraising money, a quote from Tom DeLay in which he stated that it drives the Democrats crazy wondering why the Republican Party institutes pro-Israeli policy, and a subsection on controversies involving DeLay's relatives. Edits to George W. Bush's article were done within the span of an hour. Edits to Tom DeLay's article were made within an hour as well, although followed by a shorter, minor second session of editing later that day.

    An editor using a CIA IP address is accused of vandalizing an article on the current president of Iran. Editors using Marine and Navy IP addresses based in Pensacola, Florida are accused of vandalizing an article on a rock song and on former U.S. president Bill Clinton, and accused of adding racist comments to articles on an actor and Martin Luther King, Jr., and adding comments that are perceived to criticize the men and women in the Navy reserves.

    The IP addresses of the Department of Justice, the CIA, and the Navy and Marines stationed in Pensacola, Florida were found using the American Registry for Internet Numbers at the official website. Neither the government nor the Wikimedia Foundation have released an official statement.

    The U.S. House of Representatives' IP address is not the first governmental address to have been blocked after accusations of disrupting Wikipedia. The IP address belonging to a subdivision of the Ministry of Agriculture, Food and Rural Development in Alberta, Canada was blocked for three months since late 2005. An IP address belonging to the German Bundestag has been repeatedly blocked from the German Wikipedia after accusations of vandalism, including sexually explicit comments.

    And a funny message comes up when you click on the IP ..

    This IP address,, is part of the United States House of Representatives computer network and is shared by multiple users. Comments left on this page may be received by other users of this IP and appear to be irrelevant. Caution should be used when blocking this IP or reverting its contributions without checking.
    I wonder what else they are doing?.

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    Wiki has been working on banning ip's for a while.

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    According to the story it's only a temporary banning.

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    Thats a good read.

    I only found out recently that they were banning on IP (as said by spamdies) for that sort of behaviour.

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    Dosn't our government have anything better to do than be wikipedia e-thugs? I mean really, if your gonna be an e-thug go find a forums with a bunch of idiots and flame them, flaming on the wikipedia just YELLS noob.

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    Originally posted here by nonades
    Dosn't our government have anything better to do than be wikipedia e-thugs? I mean really, if your gonna be an e-thug go find a forums with a bunch of idiots and flame them, flaming on the wikipedia just YELLS noob.
    Well when you have a staff of 45 people with nothing better to do than scour the internet for fodder this is what you get. It's becoming abundantly clear that our leadership on almost every level is just a bunch of egoccentric, egomaniacal, self-absorbed dim wits with nothing better to do than jump on the most recent band wagon. Instead of serving the public interest and doing what they were leceted to do they would rather sling mud than propose a suitable alternative. And that's only what the Democrats are doing... I don't even want to get into the repubs.
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