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Thread: Home Network OS's

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    Home Network OS's

    Hi. I have a Windows XP, and a Windows 98. I plan to set up a home network but I have a question before I go about doing it.

    Really, what I want to do is get Ubuntu Linux on my 98, so the system is more dedicated to running local servers. However, I need the two systems to be networked together. I was wondering, is it possible to network a Windows OS with a Linux OS? If so, is it safe to do so?


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    Certainly it is possible to network a Windows OS with a Linux OS - the question is
    what do you mean by saying "to network a Windows OS with a Linux OS"

    I assume you want to access files from one system on the other system. The keyword
    here is samba[1]. The ubuntu-guide will also provide you further information on
    how to setup a dhcp-server, a web-server, ssh-server etc.

    Good luck.


    [1] http://ubuntuguide.org/#sambaserver
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