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It doesn't surprise me that they're trying to flood the market with 8 versions of Vista...after all...there were 7 versions of XP...

Windows Xp Pro
Windows Xp Home
Windows XP MCE
Windows XP Embeded
Windows XP Enterprise (volume license for corp)
Windows XP N (Euro version)
Windows XP Starter

7 Versions... come on (btw Enterprise is just Pro with a different license... I don't know if it counts as it's own version)..

Windows XP Pro
Windows XP Pro N
Windows XP Pro 64
Windows XP Home
Windows XP Home N
WIndows XP Tablet
Windows XP Media Center
Windows XP Starter
Windows XP Embeded

Now if you wanted to include Enterprise (usually refered to as Corporate Edition.. then you'd also have to include OEM since they're both licensing. and you could add a good number more)... There's also language versions and slipstreamed versions (XP Pro SP1, XP Home SP2, etc)

As mentioned.. Tons of linux flavours are released.... I think it's great that Microsoft is tailoring their operating systems to various environments...

The N Edition is a legal requirement... but other versions are nice.. .Why do home users need things like Remote Desktop, etc... it provides more ways for malicious people to enter the system .

Back to work though..