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Thread: IUSR and IWAM accounts

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    IUSR and IWAM accounts

    will disabling the IUSR and IWAM accounts have any impacts on my server.? it will only impact IIS services like web server, ftp,smtp right?
    somehow, i found these accounts when probing my user database ( and the server is not serving smtp,ftp and web applications)

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    Well if you arent running any services accossiated with them...then disable....

    and see what breaks

    You can always re enable

    AFAIK...These accounts were created because IIS was installed....so...you may want to look closely at removing and disabling unwanted services and applications on your server.


    edit> instead of "unwanted services" I meant "unneeded services"

    also...are you sure....no other app uses IIS??
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    Those accounts do indeed belong to IIS.. Do remember that a default installation of Win2000 (at least SP0 not sure about later SP releases) installs IIS.. Even if you don't use it it may have been installed and running.. Deinstall IIS if you don't use it...
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