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Thread: ICANN approves dotcom contract

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    Post ICANN approves dotcom contract

    ICANN has approved a controversial dotcom contract that will see VeriSign handed control of the internet's most famous product forever.

    The controversy reigns over several elements in the new contract. For one, it provides VeriSign with a "presumptive right of renewal" over the dotcom registry - effectively handing one company complete control of all dotcom domains forever.

    Twinned with this, the contract enables VeriSign to raise its prices by seven percent a year for the next six years (although it will have to justify rises in two of those years). VeriSign will also be given control of all expiring domain names - now the biggest market on the internet.

    In return for the contract, VeriSign will drop its ruinous lawsuits against ICANN and also recognise ICANN as the internet's de facto authority, ending an historic split at the top of the internet.
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    Do ya think?

    Well, all I can say is that the internet isn't free. All the hardware, network cable, power supplies, routers...all of that stuff was purchased, or built, by SOMEONE. Nobody that I know of builds that stuff and gives it away for free.

    I don't know how I feel about that 7% increase ongoing...but I can't say as I've got a lot of room to complain. I remember not buying my own domain name only 6 or 7 years ago because it was upwards of $100 annually, and that was JUST the URL...hosting was ridiculously more. Don't you get them FREE these days, if you sign a 1 year hosting contract at $4.95 a month?

    Gee, we are *so* getting ripped off.</sarcasm>
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