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    If the activity keeps up, contact the ASN for the network where the host resides and they will shut him down. Provide log data and the WHOIS info ofcourse.

    If you need help, lemme know.

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    Thanks. I've contacted my hosting provider about it, and if they can't/won't do something I'll take it to the next level.

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    Hi IG~

    I wish you luck with Kornet, they have a very bad reputation. Basically they don't give a flying $%&@# about what their customers do so long as they get paid

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    For anyone trying to decipher it.. It isn't ASCII but probably UTF-8 (unicode)..
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    I made a quick change to the coder thing that I posted a while back (changed the 0x it was looking for to \x) and got:

    Considering \xNN format: - - [01/Mar/2006:11:00:39 -0800] "GET /.0? cP`]OWUe+U(& lt;yM__*Wu2V$s}ZU7_e/. +Kw\bITbPQz|_MQnLn& lt;Kc%22\\g+H=}|%20R`g8~+%u^U=UxQh|Z$%20~L%22D HTTP/1.0" 503 316 "http://www.irongeek.com/videos/ettercapfiltervid1.swf" "Mozilla/4.0 (compatible; MSIE 5.0; Windows 98)"
    Not suprisingly it isn't all that helpful. I would guess given the source that the encoding is probably Korean and I can't help you with that, though maybe someone here could? Also keep in mind that some of the \x encoding might actually be assembly operations/opcodes which could also make figuring out what it was a little harder as well...

    If you figure out anything, I'd be very curious to know what it was
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