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Thread: Outlook, Netscape, Thunderbird Problem

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    Outlook, Netscape, Thunderbird Problem

    Got a wierd one to throw at ya --

    Client opens a ticket with us because their email's being really wierd. Among the problems they're having is a quirk where none of their sent email is saved into the sent folder.

    So I VNCed into one of the computers in question. They're using Netscape 7.1's mail client, so open that up, and using the user's email, send an email to my account here in the office. I received the test message, so no problem there. Check sent folders on user's end -- nothing there.

    So I went into Netscape's settings to make sure it's configured to save messages in the sent folder. Indeed it is.

    So, I decided I didn't like Netscape anyway, and installed the latest Thunderbird on there. Imported user's account settings from Netscape. Went in and manually configured Thunderbird to save sent messages in the sent folder. Send myself another test email, no problem -- still nothing in the sent folder. Check settings again -- and it's no longer configured to save messages! So I check the save messages option again, click OK, exit out, go back in, check settings, and it's unchecked again.

    So I try Outlook just for the heck of it. Same exact problem. I can configure settings to save sent messages, but it will not retain the settings.

    Any ideas what in the world could cause this? They were hit by some viruses a few days earlier, but currently (up-to-date) virus scans show everything's clean.

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    IMAP or POP3?

    Permissions on C:\documents and settings\%username%\Application Data and/or "Local Settings"?
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    POP3. Haven't checked permissions on that directory, I'll do that.

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