I'm investigating collaboration software for an FOSS project I work on. I was wondering if any of you folks had any experience with the following or similar as a user/administrator/other... or even comments or suggestions about collaborative development in general.


Gforge (what sourceforge uses I think)


If you know of others, I'd appreciate it if you dropped their names.

I have used CVS extensively as a user in the past, I've been checking out Subversion and it doesn't look like if offers anything worth ditching CVS for yet, especially since it seems immature as of yet. I can be convinced otherwise since I've never actually used it.

I'm also putting thought into throwing together a bunch of independent solutions together like a wiki, bugzilla, and an installation of CVS and calling it groupware. Any thoughts? Most development has been informal on a CVS thus far and I'd like to hear about others experience with collaberative development or the software behind it.

We've been using Sourceforge for just about everything, but it's become necessary for us to have more control over our resources, which prompted the change.