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Thread: False HD Space Warning

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    False HD Space Warning

    User has a 100+ GB drive with only a handful of gigs actually used on it, yet he's getting "The number of Hard Disk Drives in your system has decreased" warnings in Event Viewer.

    Google searching isn't revealing much at all, and EventID.net only says that you'll get that error as long as it's configured to warn you at a certain percentage, regardless of HD size. That's great and all, but is there a way to make it stop? He's not even using 5GB on it!

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    is the HDD new ?
    or has it been around the block ?

    either way it could be a faulty / failing HDD

    any way to swap out and retest ?

    test both
    test the machine with new HDD in
    test HDD in a different machine
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    The number of Hard Disk Drives in your system has decreased is different than a low disk warning.

    Did the person recently make any changes to the system?

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