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Thread: STEAM-COUNTER-STRIKE plz..hel(P)! ..neone can hel(!p) out here>>>@#*$??..

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    STEAM-COUNTER-STRIKE plz..hel(P)! ..neone can hel(!p) out here>>>@#*$??..

    CAN NEONE HELP OUT HERE FOR>> hunh??.??><>>>>
    when i try to connect to steam, i got this message

    Platform Error: bad module 'Friends/friendsUI.dll

    After that my steam just freezes.

    i cant even get the solution in support system....

    What should i do now> ????

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    Post your request in a forum where they might know and care?

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    ..ya i did tried here but no budy! used their fingers to reply ....???? ..i dont kno Y?? ....but they dint ...@#$%^***

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    First, lay off all the useless symbols and you would have a better chance of getting a favorable response.

    Second, did you try re-downloading and re-installing it?

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    ..ya i tried redownloading-reinstaling-reinstaling-reinstaling.. in short i tried it 3 times@#$%..lot of them r giving me repeatedly same tip.... wt d hell# ..ya i also tried laying-of all this USEFUL SYMBOLS but dint helped for a single favorable response ..just like this@#$%@#^** ....awwwwwhhhh!

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    maybe it just doesnt like you...

    ask a friend that has a working copy of steam to copy there DLL and then replace it on your comp..

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    It might be helpfull if you talk in a way people can understand what the hell your talking about. The only thing I really understood from that hole mess speach was Platform Error: bad module 'Friends/friendsUI.dll. So taking what little information I had I did what any normal person would do. I googled it, and got this.


    not very helpfull (i didnt read it at all) but just incase someone pulls something usefull from it.
    meh. -ech0.

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    Is it an original version of CS:S ?

    Otherwise it will give you )*)(^&%^$&(U&(&&*%^$%^# (read by normal users as ERROR)
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    ..ok guys nd gays kOOl! down..@#$%^**....
    COZ finaly i got the SOLUTION!.. ofcourse not wid d help# of neone here.. nd i got my CS runing ..BADABooOOooOOooM!....YEPPeeeEEEeeeEEE!!!!!
    ....@#$%@#!^^*****@#^**(..this mean I REALY DONT WANT TO THANK!.. ..any INTELIGENT MIND! cud say this(or decode)) ..@#$%@#^*****....

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    I say, gaurav_bravo old chap, could you post instructions for what you did to resolve the problem?

    People come along later with similar issues, and it helps if we have this information?

    I will change your title for the thread to assist future pilgrims, provided that you have no objections?

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