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Thread: help me on LIBPCAP ..PLZ...@#$%

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    help me on LIBPCAP ..PLZ...@#$%

    ..i m using WIN-XP ..i hav instaled ethereal 2.8, the bloody version
    already hav winpcap3.1 ..
    ......actualy i just want to instal LIBPCAP(pcap.h) so that me cud run my program through TC-compiler. But when i compiled myprogram it errored>> "UNABLE TO OPEN PCAP.H' ..so i manualy copy theheader files into INCLUDE directory ..but the hell it gave me 26
    .. where m i wrong?? ..can neone help me to say how sud i get LIBPCAP(PCAP.H) working on WIN-XP ..plz..HELP ME!..plz...

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    I don't know why you have two threads going for this, and or who is greening you, but a google on ethereal gave me this:Ethereal FAQ ...
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    and or who is greening you
    I'd like to know that too That's one features I'd really like to see implemented - being able to view who greenied/negged who..

    As for the original question - why not just use WinPCap which comes with Ethereal? WinPCap is designed to work on Windows (hence the 'Win' part of 'WinPCap'), so you're just going to make things more complex for yourself by trying to use PCap.h? Why not alter the code of the unspecified program (assuming it's yours) to run using WinPCap instead, or if not compile the program on a Linux system where libpcap is readily available (assuming your program is cross-platform)..
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    ..dats realy NOT OKEY#! ..coz my fingers want to write a program in C# which requires that bloody (LIB)PCAP.H to be included ..nd it shud b strictly on windows platform ..as BILL-GATES desperately needs it..eh!
    ..SO PLZ NEBODY STIL THERE ..JUST TO SAY HOW CAN I USE 'PCAP.H' to include in C#(using Borland C) on WIN-XP ..or no one there who dont even kno this ..including me!@#$%@#^****

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