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Thread: Need some Jobing Help

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    Need some Jobing Help

    Hey All

    I am studying Computer science at a uni here in the UK, As part of my course I have the chance to do a year long placement starting in six months time.

    I have been applying furiously to many companies and I got an invitation to an interview day.

    The invitation I got said the following would be included.

    1. two interviews lasting 30 minutes each, one with two IT managers and the other with a rep from Human resources.

    2. I am required to do a presentation lasting around 10 minutes followed by a 20 minute question and answer session. This will be to a panel of two IT managers.

    As this is my first proper interview outside of going for part time jobs I thought id ask some questions of you guys.

    The first question relates to the presentation. Thus the invitation says " the topic does not have to be related to your academic studies or career choice". So im pretty stuck as to subject area i should do the presentation on. anyone got any ideas I could possibly do the presentation on ?

    Secondly anyone here been in a face to face interview with IT managers before ? if so and you have any tips or insight to help me then please let me know.

    The company i applied for is a large financial institution (its group of companies include in the areas of Funds, research and asset management, bank and trust funds etc).

    The Job/position is for the Internship Program in IT.

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    As far as a subject, pick something that you are familiar with, comfortable with and that would make a good presentation.

    I would lean heavily on course related material if I was in that situation simply because it would be something I was familiar with.

    I have been in plenty of face to face interviews with everything from senior level tech folks all the way up to CEO/CFO/CIO of large corporations. My biggest tip is be yourself. Don't try to be "smarter" than you are, and don't try to present an image that you are not... people can see through that fairly easily in these settings.

    I'm not sure how to prep you for this interview other than what I have just told you. Be relaxed, be yourself and be personable. Research the company that you are interviewing with and ask questions about them (when it is permissible).

    Good luck, and post again to let us know how it went.

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    This might sound silly but it is often overlooked and very underestimated. At the end of the interview, when they say "is there anything else you want to say or ask", say to them "yes, I am asking you for this job". It sounds rediculously simple but asking for something is often more effective.

    Be prepared for behavioral interviewing. Instead of being asked "what would you ..." they'll likely ask "what DID you do.." etc. Have examples of teamwork, motivation, achievement, results, effort etc ready to go in your mind.

    good luck

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    On the presentation side of things . In my CV ( the cv that I sent to this company aswell as all other companies I have applied for )I mentioned that I was involved in an opensource project and another company took an interest in the opensource project work and have requested to know more.

    So I was thinking of doing the presentation on my opensource work ( ie how I became interested in opensource , Why I take part in opensource , past projects I have done , and finishing off by telling tem about a current project im working on with someone).

    My trouble is 10 minutes is pretty long to do a presentation , I need to find a subject that I know about but also would interest the Panel of IT guys.

    If anyone has any ideas of alternative subjects let me know.


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