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    I just got this brand new computer and everyonce and a while i get a pop up saying "my computer is infected click to get this program to clean your computer".
    I don't want to be a scare monger or anything, but this message in my experience is a browser hijacker, and will only get worse for you. Please bear in mind I may well be wrong, and others might be able to give a clearer view.

    Can you please post the message that pops up, which product are they trying to get you to buy?

    Let us know and we can check it out. I would be very suspicious judging by the message you have described here.

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    That's a very common popup. In and of itself, it's only a popup. Clicking on the field of the popup will often initiate a spyware install and sometiimes result in a browser hijack. The notorious Wintools often gets distributed in this way.

    As Tiger Shark points out, Google makes a good popup blocker for IE. Firefox has a built-in blocker.
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