hi everyone,i'm glad to be a member of this community now.i'm quite eager to learn as much from all u security freaks as is possible as these are uncertain times for us all.

not that much to say about me really,i like anime n videogames and spend most of my waking hours in front of my computer.

i was actually wondering if some of u could help me out with a few security questions that i have?

basically even though i use the net quite regularly,for simple surfing and online gaming,i'm actually rather an idiot when it comes to security and this does worry me,i hear all the time about spyware and how ppl can read your passwords n stuff every time you type n send out on an unencrypted network and was wondering what a blundering novice such as myself can do to eliminate this worry.

all i use right now is win xp,mozilla firefox,zonealarm free,spybot s&d and AVG free edition.

what can an average guy like me do to turn my machine into a secure beastie??