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Thread: problem with whois

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    problem with whois

    hi whats up??

    i have a problem with whois on mmy debian box, every query i try its just writing- "No whois server is known for this kind of object" or "Timeout"

    the querys are: whois "acme.net"@whois.crsnic.net
    whois "name Acme Networks"@whois.networksolutions.com

    what can i do to resolve this problem ??


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    Try these commands, they seemed to work for me:

    whois -h whois.crsnic.net acme.net
    whois acme.net

    I'm not exactly sure what your goal is, or what you're trying to do. But both of these returned information about the domain.

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    tnx for your help

    its have been fixed

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    Syntax of the whois command seems to be different on several of the systems I know about.. man whois should tell you the correct syntax..
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    mr-unix... I am not often the person to tell people to read up on things... Wait... yes I am... But, anyway. The joy of running a unix, linux or embedded system is learning how to do things on your own. When you have a problem with something pouring over documents until you have found that one answer that speaks to your individual problem. That calls to you. To have nightmares about being attacked by unix manuals. (Sadly enough... I have had one of these.)

    Ie... You are taking the fun of running a unix system away. I am not sure about your experience but simply from the questions I Have seen you ask I assume it is not very much.

    Instead of asking a question, look for the answer yourself. You will remember it longer and definitely feel better about finding out why what you have a problem with isn't working.

    Since I have time right now. I will explain to you a reason for this and a little incident that just happenend to me 10 secs ago.

    If you ask a teacher to your homework they will tell you no. Simply because you won't learn, but if you ask the teacher to show you how they will more than gladly oblige. When you learn to do something you are more at an advantage. Anyway that was a really long way of preping for my story.

    I am on my College box right now. I was setting up qt. I am looking around and I keep getting there is a problem. I keep getting errors. I run through the entire makefile code. I am looking at the actually c++ code I am looking at everything spend 30+ minutes on google looking up everything I can think of to why I am getting this error. I can't find anything. I am so pissed I utterly am grabbing books that I Think might have the word qt in it. Then I stop and think for a second... why not just go line by line through the makefile. Well... Long story short I am a perl guy and don't use bash. So I go through and I see a couple instances where in perl there might be some problems. So I change a couple and try to save. Won't let me...

    Hmmm.... That's interesting why won't it let me save? Hmm...

    This is when the lightbulb usually goes off. Oh yea... You have to be root to do this.... Duh!!!!!!!!

    Anyway... that was an extremely long way of explaining the joy you get from figuring things out yourself.

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