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Thread: what;s 61 62 96...??

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    what;s 61 62 96...??

    avast antiviruse have been detected latelly that my pc beening attacked by numbers like this number 61 62 96 198.... this ahppened like 5 times and every time is with new number.. what dose this mean???

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    That would be the IP [internet protocol] address of the offending computer. IP is a protocol used to transmitt over the internet. Here is a nice FAQ on IP and addresses. It is basicly the way computer know how to talk to each other. When you type google.com, you actually connect to what is called a name server, that tranlates google.com into TCP [a protocol like IP] and IP are way too deep for me to cover everything but that is a basic description.
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    Don't suppose they are present liked this:, with periods between them? Likely an IP that is infected and is trying to infect yours. As long as AVAST is telling you about it, all is good.
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