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Thread: Haxdoor: Scary Malware

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    Unhappy Haxdoor: Scary Malware


    from an EMail :

    not sure how old this is, but I haven't seen it posted, and it's ANOTHER nasty .........

    Name: Haxdoor (F-Secure)
    Affects: Windows XP/XP SP2/2000/2003
    What it does: Haxdoor is a backdoor program that can be used to steal confidential information like passwords and financial account credentials. As reported recently by F-Secure, it uses rootkit techniques to hide itself, making it difficult to detect except by anti-virus programs that have kernel mode drivers and anti-rootkit programs that know specifically what to look for.
    Haxdoor's extraordinary access to the network code in the system presents a threat to the integrity of HTTPS, the encrypted standard for communications normally used by banks and other sensitive web sites

    I would be quite interested to find out HOW people do this, the intentions of use, not withstanding, I just can't imagine what you have to have, to figure this stuff out ....

    Maybe that's gonna be MY limiting factor in IT advancement

    These techniques are written specifically for Internet Explorer and appear not to work against other browsers, such as Firefox.
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    definatly interesting, i havnt looked into much as howto rootkits work in hiding themselves from the system, but learning how this is done would definatly be usefull even if you just wanted to say hide personall data you have on a family computer from other users

    I also don't know much about the low level OS api calls but then again i have done no work with systems programming for any OS, and as with any other low level OS vuln for windows IE is the immediate target (damn intergrating brower with the OS on that low of a level)

    going on that last note that is where /alot/ of windows vulnerabiltys lie, not that their bad programs, just poorly implemented

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    "intergrated means it sucks"
    Probably, but "integrated" means that I did it and it works

    My point? well if two things are integrated it means that they talk to eachother...........that is not a problem, because you can define your interfaces and communication parameters.

    I would agree with your findings if you said "embedded"..............that is a Windows problem IMHO

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    nah that was a joke from my sr year HS java class, in referece to video cards, i felt it had some relevance to that topic.

    lesson dont intergrate any user level apps with system access without NEEDED permissions

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