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Thread: What is the most reliable harddisk nowdays ?

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    What is the most reliable harddisk nowdays ?

    After the recent failure of on of the 3 harddisks on my system (yes... it's a Western Digital...) and a few harddisk hanups I got with the other drives, I decided to go and buy a large hard disk to replace them before they fail as well (yes, they are too WD !).

    My question is - what is the HD brad that less tends to fail, or in other words, which brand or hard disk model is most reliable ?

    Secondly, what is the largest HD I can use as IDE ? (I got an Intel D850MV board with a 1.7GHz Intel processor). I may consider upgrading the whole system, but for now I really only need a new AND RELIABLE harddisk...

    Thanks !

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    Your question is irrelevant these days..............look for the guarantee........it will vary by model, as will the price.

    Then get a board that supports RAID1

    I would not go above 120Gb these days...............unless you are heavily into pr0n

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    Thanks Nihil,

    I was not refering to highly expensive rather than budget drives...

    I can check out for a sumsung.

    At least I didn't have ALL my info on a single drive -
    used 3 seperate 80GB disks, as said before one has already failed,
    while the other shows signs of instability... They are all WD - never liked them !

    I may try the board that supports RAID 1 as you recommended... How about Maxtor btw ?

    Also - I might be able to fix the bad drive, currently what happens when you power it up is hearing the motor spininning and stopping exactly 3 times - then silent. Is the motor bad ? I already exchanged the circuit board witha similar working HD and it behaved just the same.


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    I have had good results with Maxstor, but WD and Seagate have been a bit off form recently............#

    My comments about the drives are the ones that may cost $15 more but have a 3 year rather than a 12 month guarantee............I guess that they test them a bit better?

    RAID1 rules mate...........trust me. OK you asked something about size.............with an older board/BIOS there is one of those limits at 137Mb............you can get a software solution though.

    As I said, I tend to use 120 or even 80.............hell, I can remember when 5Gb was a server.

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